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Or maybe a drummer. Like, a musician or a drug addict. It's impossible to know at this stage what season two will delve into because it's going to be an entirely new story. But the show's title guarantees that the characters will be forced to wrestle with some big moral questions once again, which you, as the audience, will likely find yourselves weighing up too. Speaking about the first season to Variety , Kelley said: "I feel like it's important to recognise our responsibility in our own fate, which kind of deconstructs the idea of fate in general.

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He added: "We're living in this moment where everything is so morally ambiguous and no one is being held accountable I think it's just important in the moment we're living in to decide, 'Where are we? And if you want to break that, then suffer the consequences or live the lesson. In the 87 games that he played this season, Buxton hit.

Is 'What/If' the Most Dramatic Show Netflix Has Ever Made? - What/If Season One

He led the league in doubles for a stretch before he got hurt. He was once again at the top of the list of best centerfielders in all of baseball, and as it turns out, his blessing there was also his curse.

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Buxton crashed into walls and banged his face on the grass in the name of turning would-be base hits into outs at a better rate than just about everybody. But I thought he had a good approach, I thought he hit balls hard and impacted the ball well. He had a good offensive year.

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You can spin it any way you want and look at the numbers any way you want. As the calendar turned to October, though, many Twins fans felt that the team was one or two pitchers short of making it a heavyweight fight with the Yankees.

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Who knows if the results would have been different, but inarguably the Twins would have been in a better position with a little more pitching. Some was available before the trade deadline. And then some was available at the trade deadline, even if some of those arms were tagged with outrageous prices. The point was that the Twins could have used some more help pitching.

Who else? Twins twins. Latest Twins Stories. Additionally, Jackie Levine was slated to serve as a co-executive producer and Phillip Noyce was expected to direct and executive produce the first two episodes. On April 23, , the official teaser for the series was released. Immaculate dialogues, nuanced characters and relationships, both broken and unscathed, are a few exciting features that make it compelling.

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  4. Not to forgo the incredible acting prowess of Zellweger, who impeccably embraces the character of Anne. Zellweger has sunk her teeth so deeply into this notion of Welcome To Rich Prowling Cougartown that she's practically licking up bowls of milk.

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