The Soweto Legacy

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Verryn remembers a very dark time. The apartheid regime detained children, tortured them with genital electrocution and other brutal means to break them. There were rumours of the violence perpetrated by the soccer club.

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While he was on leave in December Verryn received a phone call informing him that Stompie and three other boys, Thabiso Mono, Pelo Mekgwe and Kenneth Kgase, had been taken from his safe haven because of rumours that he had sexually molested them. When a country turns on their children something has gone terribly wrong.

Vic McPherson, a former national intelligence official, told Lamche in the Winnie documentary that in the late s they employed a psychological warfare strategy against the enemy.

The Soweto Legacy by Lorry Lutz

It was called covert strategic communications. One of the operations was called Operation Romulus, and Winnie was part of that. McPherson said the 40 journalists who worked for him would plant information in many newspapers to discredit Madikizela-Mandela, referring particularly to her private life. The tide started turning against her and divisions became apparent as many activists distanced themselves from Madikizela-Mandela, calling her a murderer. Richardson was sentenced for the murder. During the TRC hearings the truth became murkier as apartheid operatives and those close to Madikizela-Mandela gave damning evidence.

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But none of it would ever nail her for any of the dozens of abductions, murders and assaults her name was connected to. These included among other allegations the killing of Soweto doctor Abubaker Asvat, the attempted murder of Lerothodi Ikaneng, a former member of the football club, and the abductions of Thabiso, Pelo and Kenneth.

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This led to further questions about how a convicted murderer could be paid for information. Richardson confirmed he was an apartheid informer and went back to his story that he had been ordered by Madikizela-Mandela to kill Stompie. But his testimony was contradicted by Katiza Cebekhulu, who was also part of the football club before he fled to Britain. Cebekhulu claimed he saw Madikizela-Mandela stab Stompie twice with a shiny object. His testimony was contradicted by the autopsy, which stated that the boy was stabbed in the neck three times.

Fivaz said Cebekhulu was not a reliable witness and he had already given the police different versions of how Asvat was murdered in February His murder had also been linked to Madikizela-Mandela. In a interview with journalist De Wet Potgieter, Heslinga, who had investigated the murder of Asvat, said his family alleged that Madikizela-Mandela was involved in the killing because the doctor had treated Stompie before he died and had exchanged strong words with her.

Heslinga said the two accused were sentenced to death, but days before their execution he convinced them to implicate Madikizela-Mandela.

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But in the eyes of death they again reiterated that Winnie Mandela was not involved and I also testified to this effect before the TRC. An estimated to young protesters are believed to have been killed by security forces in Soweto alone during the ensuing six to seven months of protests. Earlier this week, former South African President Nelson Mandela said he hoped that young South Africans would remember and honour the sacrifices of the students who had marched and bled in the streets of Soweto in The year-old Mandela was a political prisoner when the uprising began. Mbeki urges youths to honour legacy of Soweto Fri, Jun 16, , Official statistics show there were more than 18, homicides in the year to March Editor's Choice Most Viewed.

Watch More Videos. Most Read in News. Latest News. Cyril Ramaphosa, who was a close confidant of Mandela's, has replaced Zuma.

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Under Mandela, Ramaphosa played a key role in drafting South Africa's new and liberal constitution. As Mandela prepared to leave office, he hoped Ramaphosa would be his successor, but Thabo Mbeki took that place. Nelson Mandela would have turned today, and political copycats are falling over themselves to add a bit of his luster to their own bespoke suits. Nelson Mandela would have been years old today. South Africa's famous statesman and reconciliatory hero continues to inspire Africa's young generation. DW asked them what Mandela means to them.

July 18 marks years since the birth of Nelson Mandela, who died in Visitors can follow in his footsteps from the Soweto township to Robben Island where he was imprisoned for years.

Youth Day debate: Who should claim ownership of the legacy ?

More than 14, people came to hear the former US president speak in Johannesburg. Obama called for a rejection of the "politics of fear, resentment and retrenchment. The young a capella group spoke to — and sang for — DW on the German leg of the tour. South Africa's chief prosecutor has announced his decision to pursue corruption charges against Jacob Zuma. He said there are "reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution.

A day after Jacob Zuma's nine years in office ended, fellow ANC politician Cyril Ramaphosa took the presidential oath amid parliamentary protest.

Ramaphosa promised to fight the corruption that had tainted Zuma. South Africa has a land problem. For years the ANC has been criticized over its failure to redistribute land after apartheid and recently land occupation is rife. President Ramaphosa is now under pressure to fix this. The elections in South Africa haven't produced a landslide result. Turnout was low — young people, in particular, are shunning the ballot box. The world paid tribute Wednesday to the South African entertainer known as the "White Zulu" for his enduring activism against apartheid, and his campaigning for Nelson Mandela's release from prison.

A mass composition by Haydn interspersed with South African freedom songs?