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I struggle with the idea of provision. The cultural ideal tells me that if I want something done right, I should do it myself. And the American dream assures me that I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps, and take care of my business on my own. We can find this subtext of self-reliance in most of our films and stories. When the heroine wavers on the brink of a difficult challenge or important decision, where does she find the strength to go on? She finds it within herself, of course.

This is how the constant cultural inundation with the message of self-reliance sneaks into our brains. We can make more money if we just hustle more, and we can help our kid if we just find the right program.

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I want to depend on myself and find the strength within to make our life great. Scripture tells us that strength comes from outside of ourselves; our strength comes from the Lord. He provided for them, raining down bread from heaven Exodus He is our provision for our earthly and spiritual needs. Work is good.

The Lord provides for the faithful

God called us to use our hands to create I Chronicles ; Genesis ; Ephesians There is a reason hard exertion of effort is satisfying: it is good. The air we breathe, the sunsets we take in with awe, our very bodies—these are all good provisions from Him.

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  8. While we are so often tempted to complain, wondering where our daily bread will come from, God is already leading us to a land with springs of water. Like the Israelites, we grow frustrated with God, wondering, Why are you taking me into this wilderness? Exodus But He has called us to trust Him, that no matter the wilderness we may wander, He will provide enough for us each and every day.

    Rest in His provision, diligently gather the bread He offers, and know that He is the Lord. Father forgive my doubts and unbelief. I need prayer for my daughter. She is physically hurt. Had an accident and has stitches on her chin and her teeth were pushed in.

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    More than that she is emotionally and spiritually in pain from unhealed grief from something that happened two years ago. She was a happy young lady up to two years ago. Pray for Amanda please. Alina, does your church have a Stephen Ministry? These are lay persons trained to come alongside people who are hurting or have gone thru trauma, loss, and having a hard time coping.

    Who are we? He has heard you complaining.

    God Always Provides… Right? - Pastor Steven Furtick

    Suddenly, they saw the glory of the Lord in the column of smoke. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God. Take two quarts for each person in your tent. Some gathered more, some less.

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    They gathered as much as they could eat. They kept part of it until morning, and it was full of worms and smelled bad. So Moses was angry with them. When the sun was hot, it melted away. All the leaders of the community came to Moses and told him about it. Bake what you want to bake, and boil what you want to boil. On the seventh day stay in your place—no one is to go out.

    Everyone, stay where you are. It was like coriander seeds. It was white and tasted like wafers made with honey. This way they will see the food that I gave you to eat in the desert when I brought you out of Egypt. They ate manna until they came to the border of Canaan. Used by permission of God's Word Mission Society. You'll get this book and many others when you join Bible Gateway Plus.

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