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Amedeo's Continental Magic. Tricks with Paper. Tricks with Handkerchiefs.

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  • Perennial champion sire Galileo just one winner behind his half-brother;

Close-Up Mental Magic. The Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions.

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Card Cavalcade II. Tricks with Coins. The Book of Thoth. Two Second Deals. A lighthearted presentation for a classic.

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Bennett's Best. Never in a Lifetime. Super Cents. Bonus Extra — Revised. New and Novel Knowledge. Methods with Cards — Part 1. Smith's Mini-Lecture Notes No. Close Up Cues. Novel routines of close up magic for the up-to-date perfo Methods with Cards — Part 2. Al Schneider On Coins. Another Close-up Cavalcade. Methods with Cards — Part 3. Some Late Extra Card Tricks. Kannibal Kards. The Magic of Francis Carlyle. The Master Palm. Magic by Jan Torell. Additional Deceptions. Verbal Control. A Collection of Provocative Mental Effects.


The Amazing World of Mentalism. The Epitome Location. Second Lecture. Kabbala — Volume 3. Close Up, French Style. Subtle Card Magic: Part One. Classic Magic with Apparatus. The Dancing Cane. Subtle Card Magic: Part Two. Early Marlo. The Third Ecstasy.

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Fabulous Card Feats for the Mentalist. Master Slate Secrets — Part I. Close-Up Sampler — Part 2. David Berglas Lecture. The First California Lecture. The David Berglas File No. Professional Magic for Magicians. Like a Fox. Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon. Close-Up Sampler — Part 1. Andrus Card Control.

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    Tobit: Hyraaq Tobit

    The Best of Slydini Lecture Notes 1. The Triple Cut. Practical Impossibilities. Marlo's Magazine Volume 1. The Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields.

    The Coin and Beer Can. Self-Working Card Tricks. The Big Book of Magic. Stabbed Coincidence. Classic Tackler. Practical Sorcery.