Reflections and Shadows: And All Things That Matters

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Staff Picks. Nearly every material will reflect light. Light reflects off nearly all materials - light travels from its source, reflects off an object, changes direction and enters our eyes, allowing us to see the object. Outdoors, shadows are longest at what time of day? Sunrise and sunset. The Sun is at its lowest point in the sky at those times. Which one of the following objects is not translucent? A sheet of glass. Tissue paper. Greaseproof paper. A sheet of glass is transparent - it lets light pass straight through.

The Shadows - Reflection (1990)

How does an opaque material affect light? It allows all light to travel through it. It allows some light to travel through it. It allows no light to travel through it.

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It bends the light which passes through it. Light travels in a straight line.

How can it be made to travel around an obstacle? By using reflective materials to change the light's direction. By using more than one source of light. By blocking the light with another obstacle. Light can curve around an object.

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Mirrors can be used to change the direction of light - that's how periscopes in submarines work. You are making shadows with a torch and one hand. What could you do to make the shadow bigger? Use a smaller torch. Move the torch further away from your hand.