Killing Time

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Hosted by Haddie Cooke and Dan Benjamin. Haddie and Dan talk about the brief water crisis in Austin, Halloween, voting, and give their weekly recommendations! Haddie and Dan discuss some good tv shows, Dan gets bit by a dog, Haddie buys a house, and they give their current recommendations on all kinds of things. Haddie and Dan talk about shark bites, turmeric, Zelda Breath of the Wild, and recommend some great TV shows for those unsure what to watch next.

Haddie and Dan discuss the Fermi Paradox, the possibility of life on other planets, animals that speak other languages, eggnog recipes, and when the appropriate time is to have a Thanksgiving meal. Haddie and Dan talk about cropdusting yes that kind , Instagram stories, speaking your truth, their recent trip to New York, the difference between a town and a city, and the rules of a 4-way stop. Time passes whether we want it to or not. We can only manage how we make use of our time by controlling our focus and attention. Time simply is. We simply need to live our lives in cooperation with it and make our choices accordingly.

On managing life, activities, projects, whatever, check lists are great. The classic example is the pre-flight check list used by pilots. Use the same approach for heading out on any trip via trains, planes or automobiles. Some of the case histories are amazing, particularly those from hospitals where new check lists saved lives and reduced botched procedures. People around me family and friends fail to understand why my social time is usually time that is spent doing something productive with the intent of furthering my dreams.

I love this post, but I would add one thing. Time in the way we think about it is an invention of the industrial revolution. Quit believing in Time, except as necessary to not lose your job perhaps, and things will go much smoother. The trick is to pretend you are never, ever in a hurry.

Killing Time

Focusing on doing one thing a day and seeing to its fulfillment really helps nail time. Like this post.

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    The Scottish explorer who became the butcher of Gippsland. Angus McMillan was once revered as a pioneering hero.

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    Today his reputation is in tatters — and his great-great-niece is to blame. It took years for a South Australian massacre to be acknowledged but a memorial has at last eased some of the pain for the Wirangu people. Descended from both sides of Queensland's bloody massacres. Living on a massacre site: home truths and trauma at Warrigal Creek. When Glenda met Sandy: descendants of massacre survivor and soldier unite in grief. When we were in school, we didn't learn about the massacres First Dog on the Moon.

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