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Mar 05, Saly rated it liked it Shelves: category-romance , celibate-hero , cops-law-enforcement-security , harlequin-silhouette , read-in , silhouette-desire-slt-romance. A decent read, after coming back from deployment the hero tracks down his now dead best friend's fiancee and finds her exhausted, dealing with a sick four year month old baby.

The hero fell for the heroine when he met her two years ago and has been with no-one ever since, he also feels guilty over a kiss they shared just before deployment. The heroine has issues too, her baby is sick and the man she was attracted to when she was engaged is back in her life. These two deal with their attraction, A decent read, after coming back from deployment the hero tracks down his now dead best friend's fiancee and finds her exhausted, dealing with a sick four year month old baby.

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These two deal with their attraction, the death of someone they both loved and who they feel guilty about. Not a great read but okay. Apr 19, Jo-Ann Fitzgerald rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. This is the 15th book of the series. This also encompasses The Landis Brothers even though he's an extension of that part of the family.

This mentions others in other parts of the series so you will get more out of it if you've read other books in the series. If you want to know what the story's about read the blurb above the reviews. The hero and heroine know each other through one of the hero's squadron members. However, when he dies, the hero feels its his responsibility to go see the heroine This is the 15th book of the series.

However, when he dies, the hero feels its his responsibility to go see the heroine and see if she's ok.

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Upon finding her and her opening her door, he finds out she's had his friend's baby and his friend never even knew. He knows he has to help her even more now because he's determined the child and the heroine get anything and everything they need. Especially when he finds out the baby needs to have surgery and he's going to make sure the baby has the best and anything else it needs. The heroine is shocked to find her fiance's best friend on her doorstep.

Like all young and first time mothers, she's tired, miserable and frustrated. However, they are making due with what they have and she's determined her baby is going to be fine and have everything it needs.

However, when things start to go wrong, the hero steps in and make sure there's a backup for the heroine and baby. Before long the heroine is starting to feel like he's taking over her life and decisions. What can she do? She needs the place to stay and now that his family have descended and pictures taken, how can she get out of this? It doesn't help when the hero and heroine have a huge fight and the passion that came through once, and couldn't be hidden from their friend and fiance, is brought into the limelight, can they work their way through or will each of them go away with their hearts broken forever?

The heroine's very strong and she's had to be but I feel she was wrong to keep the news of the baby away from the father. This being said, the way she was feeling towards the hero was good and the chemistry is there.

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The hero, at times, got really annoying for me and I could see and feel others getting annoyed with him. To me, he was trying to take over everything and doing it HIS way. The plot had a good spin and was original in the way it progressed. I know if I had my family that just showed up out of the blue, I would have thrown them all out.

It was my home even though part of the family leased it to me. That really annoyed me but, again, it put a good spin on the story line.

Feb 12, Natasha Alves rated it liked it Shelves: , e-books. Apr 02, Emma rated it really liked it.

The Earl's Honorable Intentions

His family is absolutely amazing and so is he. And Gabrielle.

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Mar 30, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-read , men-in-uniform-challenge , romance , category-romance. I really liked this book. When Hank returned from his deployment, he immediately went to find Gabrielle.

It wasn't just to check up on her for his late friend's sake, but also for himself. Gabrielle was living in New Orleans, taking care of her seriously ill son on her own. When Hank arrived, he immediately stepped in to help. Gaby wasn't happy about it, not wanting to be dependent on anyone - and also feeling guilty over the feelings she had for Hank.

Hank had also been in love with Gaby from t I really liked this book. Hank had also been in love with Gaby from the time he met her, but his friend had loved her first. Hank felt guilty that he was alive and Kevin was dead, but was happy to be able to help Gaby. Hank also had issues with his family, and tended to keep himself very private. I also thought it was great that the parents both Gaby and Hank had issues with were the ones that helped them confront their problems. Mar 05, Tia rated it really liked it. Hank and Kevin were great friends and in the army together.

When Kevin met and got engaged to Gabrielle, Hank was heart broken because he too was in love with her. After they left for deployment, Kevin died and made Hank promise to take care of Gaby. When Hank goes to see Gaby, he discovers she is a new mom, to Kevin's son. With her baby ill Gaby needs all the help she can get and when Hank shows up, things start heating up because secretly before Kevin and Hank left, Gaby was lusting for Hank. T Hank and Kevin were great friends and in the army together. These novels make me sad, even though it's obvious that Kevin and Gabrielle don't belong together, it's horrible that he dies in the novel.

A lot of soldiers don't come home from war and it's frightening and that book showcases this and expresses emotions that loved ones would feel, trying to heal. Aug 08, Andreia Silva rated it really liked it Shelves: desafio-harlequinadpoc , e-book , leituras-de , livros-em-pt-br. Foi a noiva do seu melhor amigo, Kevin.

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Perfeito para uma leitura leve. Jun 30, Dancer rated it liked it. Until his buddy died in battle—right after making Hank promise to find her… So now Hank's in New Orleans. It's need he's feeling, plain and simple—the desire to take the woman he's a Major Hank Renshaw knows almost everything there is to know about Gabrielle Ballard. I thought I would like this book. It's another in the "Billionaires and Babies" series, but it never seemed to get off the ground.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't memorable either. Jun 17, Paula Robinson rated it liked it. It's been a whole since I've read a Desire, and this one was a good read coming back. I liked Hank and his take charge attitude, but he was too alpha for me. I love my Beta heroes, and he would have been a great one. The story itself was good, and there were some tense moments, but I wish the book was longer.

I am spoiled by Mann's longer books. I love Hank's Renshaw-Landis family too, and I want to read more about them. I'm on the hunt. Jan 05, Mem rated it really liked it Shelves: mel-cat , harlequin-desire.

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D Apr Billionaires and Babies He could do nothing about those feeling because she fell in love with his best friend. He was a victim of a sniper attack. Hank is back for a two week leave. His personal mission is to find Gabriella and when he does, he finds there is more to consider than the two of them.

Apr 01, Bungluna rated it it was ok Shelves: category. This story was spoiled for me by the heroine. Russell Jones served with honor, but constantly questioned government policies that were taking the lives of those he served with. Cross of Gallentry with Palm. This journey of enlightenment has served Russell Jones well as his voice today is an experienced, credible weapon used effectively in this book to expose and counter the failed year ideology of totalitarian paternalism that we call the War on Drugs.

The account of his training, indoctrination, sense of camaraderie, and disappointment in the bureaucratic leadership in both professions is mesmerizing and as good as it gets.