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Lydia: Daddy, I scawed! Shilo: You said it, not me, and not the Sim God.

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Put Lydia Magdalene in her crib, then get your ass over here so we can talk. Graves: Yes, dear.

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Shilo: Allan? Graves: Yes…? Graves: Um…to the graveya—. Graves: Shilo, calm down, please! The Sim God made me bring her ho—. Shilo: If you think that you can just give me some ass-flowers and—Wait a minute, are these lilies-of-the-valley and hydrangeas? Graves: You bet your sexy little ass they are. Shilo: Mom and Mag loved these things! Graves: I know they did, And I know that you do, too. Come here, you beautiful idiot. Graves: Look, Bug, I really am sorry about what happened. Shilo: Yeah, I know. At least he was around to give you an idea of how to do this, however vague it may be.

I never had anybody to give me an idea of how to be a mom. I just want to do this right, and I want to give Lydia all the experiences I never got to have because my dad kept me in my room like Rapunzel. Oh, and that reminds me! So, with my updates? It already HAS, actually. So I have literally got the game running as I type this. So until next time, have some gifs of danisnotonfire being awesome and nerdy and adorable and, well, not on fire.

When Death came for her, we learned that he and Graverobber know each other because their mutual friend Lucifer introduced them. Oh, and on a somewhat unrelated sidenote, why is it that no matter what I do to try and fix it, my pregnant Sims always pick THE worst possible outfits as maternity wear?

Graves: Wait a minute, is this a flashback? How dare you insult my special effects.

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Besides, not every show can have the same budget as Supernatural or Once Upon a Time for this stuff, you know. How did this happen if she was on the pill? And second, it just happens sometimes, Graves. However, as the sex ed teacher in 17 Again would say, asking you two to abstain from sex is like asking a porcupine to poop goat cheese.

One of the very first things that he did upon getting inside the new house was insult Winona.

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Which then resulted in her making this face, which I found highly amusing. At least until she has the baby and starts dressing like a normal human being again, anyway. This is what she meant by that. He ended up going to the park to sell some Zydrate. When he got to the park, one of the scalpel sluts was there, but at about the same time Graves showed up, so did this teenager carrying her baby sister.

Serena: Graverobber, is that you? Serena: Wow, I hardly recognized you without your coat on! Graves: Blame the Sim God for that one. Anyway, how you been? Graves: Pretty good, and yourself? Serena: Same ole, same ole. I thought she was always right behind you. Anyway, you want some Z? Got a fresh batch right here. Serena; Hell yeah, you know me, I could always go for a hit! Serena: Alright, Graves, listen. Serena: Bingo.

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  3. The First Stone.

Graves: What? Graves: Beetlejuice. Serena: Thought so. Serena had somewhere she needed to be, so she left after saying goodbye, and Graves made a few more sales, including one to—. Gladsten whats-his-face, the guy who called Graves on his cell phone yesterday while he was trying to unclog the toilet that got clogged up all over again about two minutes later. I knew I could count on you, plant! He and my mom have both been dead since I was thirteen.

First of all, my dad was not THAT kind of drunk, alright?

Yes, he had a bit of a drinking problem, but he was never one of those angry drunks who got all pissed off about every single microscopically insignificant detail and gave me or my sister or my mom black eyes or anything like that, alright? And you know why? Okay then. Okay, boys and girls, gather around and let Uncle Skeeter JJ tell you a bedtime story!


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See, when I was a kid, I was bouncing around in foster homes up until I was eight, right? I never knew my real mom and dad. Long story short, Moosette saved my life that day, but not before that guy got some damage in. So I ended up having to get stitches, and this thing on my neck? The end. Oh, and for some reason Winona wears bright red lipstick to bathe…. Graves: zzzSlaterisgarbagezzz Shilo: zzzawesomenewhousezzz. JJ: What do you want now, old man? I hate your guts, too. Yeah right! And neither is Winona. Oh, and by the way, obligatory Day 2 Bump shot, haha!

Win: Hey, um…mind if I sit here? Win: Listen…uh…A-Allan, right?

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  • Graves: Not to you, no. Only Shilo and the Sim God are allowed to call me that. Graves: Whatever, makes no difference to me. Win: Oh…Well…I just…I kind of thought that…that you actually had a point with what you were saying. Win: No! Win: I beg your pardon? Graves: Shilo. Why do you hate her as much as you do? You two had never met before you and JJ moved in at the old house, and even if you do blame her for what happened to Blind Mag, it was two whole years ago.

    Besides, it was probably harder on her than anyone else in the entire city. Mag was her godmother. To find out that she had a godmom and then see her impaled body up close just hours later…How do you think that made her feel, huh? Graves: No. Why would she make up something like that? She looks at that day as being a black mark in her life. She learned so many things about herself and her family that day, and not all of it was good. In fact, a lot of it really sucked, especially the stuff she learned about her dad.

    But then she lost both her dad and her godmom within less than half an hour of each other, and they were the only family she had left in the entire world. She was only seventeen, and her life had been so sheltered up until then.