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Dream 6 , digital photograph. Denzel Parks.

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Adam Sailed. A charismatic face, witty personality and playful, but often stoic demeanor inspires me to create him on canvas. Whimsical and intelligent is his humor, and knowledge is his bargain. A series of portraits that guide me, a journal of his colorful world that helps make sense of his complex personality. Laugh and enjoy laughing, explore and try to make sense of his reality. The figures are not resolved, but somehow complete. Abstracted figures and bold colours are elements of his mood, colours bring him forward and help tell his story. In The Name of Sunday.

Boarding, One. Greg Lutz. I am an emerging artist working primarily in wood. I design art that will inspire and instill calm and restfulness in those who experience my work. I grew up in several states along the east coast and mid-west. After working in libraries for several years, I started carving wood as a creative outlet.

What started as a means of self-expression turned into an expression of passion. Over the years, I have been exploring different styles and techniques while finding my creative voice. My pieces are now in private collections across the country, and it brings me satisfaction knowing my work brings joy to others. I believe art can appeal to people on an individual and community level. When we experience art, we have emotions, thoughts, and opinions. Art can inspire people to talk to others and share their personal experience.

I want people to experience my work on both levels. I work with the wood, actually allow it to lead me. It knows how it wants to flow.

Sean Doerr @ College For Creative Studies

My goal is to have a sense for that organic flow, to learn from the wood, and create pieces that are both beautiful and peaceful. I believe that the most restful pieces will follow the path started by the wood. The Sisters began with acrylic base paintings from models posing in studio, to which I added hand-painted papers, repurposed materials in this case wine labels and faux leather. Sister 1, East Coast Rose. Sister 2, Moonlight and Sunflowers.

August - October Jeremy Martin has done art since the age of 3.

He has worked in many traditional mediums such as painting, drawing, digital art and ceramics to name a few. He also completed a minor in Fine Arts. Jeremy purchased an iPad in and began creating his portrait series. He has painted over paintings. June Ambrose, and James Goldstein to name a few.

Recently Jeremy was asked by super model Iman to create a portrait of her that was featured on her Instagram. Jeremy paints his portraits from reference photos displayed on his desktop. He uses his iPad as a canvas on which he paints. Portraits are created using the Drawing Desk application. Madeleine Barkey is a Michigan born artist and educator. Barkey currently teaches drawing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and has a studio in Detroit's Pioneer Building with many other working artists. She especially loves printmaking, woodcuts, but will work with whatever else is around.

Madeleine Barkey, Dressed , mixed media on wood, 20" x 16". Luden's, oil on canvas, 40 x Gum Balls, oil on canvas, 30 x Sprinkled , oil on canvas, 20 x Pink With Swirls , oil on canvas, 20 x Julian wong. Snake Eat Frog, ink and paint on wood panel, 36" x 48".

Lake Series , acrylic and hand-painted papers on canvas, 48" x 24". Weatherly Stroh. Sunlit Grey 2. Pure Michigan. Isle Royale 1.

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Claudia Hershman. Mike sivak. My Circus, My Monkeys. Peace For Our Time. Sweetgum , porcelain, 8" x 8"; 6" x 6"; 4" x 6" :. Meighen Jackson. Totems , oil on wood.

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Fall , oil on canvas 33 x Students focus on 2D and 3D animation, digital cinema production, character design, environment design, compositing, character animation, motion graphics and special effects. Graphic Design students concentrate on print communications, interactive design, publication design, packaging, web design, and marketing strategies. Illustration students complete coursework in figure illustration, painting, drawing, graphic design, storyboarding, sequential storytelling, children's book illustration and entertainment illustration.

Students participate in graduate seminars and studios and complete a thesis. A portfolio is required with the undergraduate and graduate applications. When away from his studio, Cody is often found deeply immersed in his outdoor interests of plein air painting, rock climbing, and backpacking. Nature reimagined is and will continue to be Cody's ultimate muse. Contact About. Cody Erickson.