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He failed to save the day. To save my day. To save my life. But there I did it. I said no to who I was. No to that miserable life. I chose not to accept who I was. I could have been much more than who I was. And strive towards a better self. I had to stand up for myself. To be a monster. A controlled one. And stand up to the bullies by being a little bully myself. No more letting others kick me around. Not nice. I was never pleasing anyone, all I was saying was a bunch of lies. But this never works.

Especially in the long run.

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There are many times were I have to talk about uncomfortable stuff. And yes, it sometimes hurts. Because the truth is harsh. Yes, the truth is nasty. But it has to said. It is through the truth that we can live authentic lives. Leading to myself.

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To my happiness. The truth is that force that moves everything. By trying to smooth out the water to hide any conflict. But it takes conflict to solve problems. They cannot be avoided. The only way to face them is with the truth. Whoever believes in lies, sooner or later lives in hell. Heaven is all around us, just as hell is all around us. Followed by arrogance and deceit. These three are the cause of all suffering. Arrogance , which is the belief that my individual wants matter more than all others.

And it goes along with deceit , the belief that I can get away with bending reality to satisfy my individual wants and needs. And finally leading to resentment, which is the belief that the world is unjust and tragic and all of it is aimed at me, specifically me. I had to give up being nice.

To become my own monster and not let others always kick me around. And it was hard. I was still attached to the belief that there was something wrong with me. I was still ashamed. My only cure was to be vulnerable.

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For the antidote to shame is love and self-compassion. As shame is tied with how I view myself in relation to others.

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In order to have love for oneself, it helps to feel being loved and accepted by others. I had to peel underneath the layers of social make-belief. I had to leave my shame. Shame grows with these three seeds: secrecy, silence and judgement. But it slowly dies with empathy. With the two most powerful words when I face a struggle: me too. So I confessed to my closest friend. All of this. All the ways I tried to be someone and failed. I had to stop trying to impress everyone.

The seating was comfortable, and so the other facilities. The crew were friendly and helpful. The food and the beverages served were quite nice.

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All in all, I was quite happy with my flight. I returned to Sydney from Bangalore via the same airline on 1st February The important thing I want to mention about the Singapore Airline is their punctuality. It is my third Singapore Airlines Flight and it was every bit as wonderful as the other two. The service is exceptional, the food is excellent and the is in a class by itself.

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We arrived well rested in Singapore at am after sleeping comfortably and, after checking into the Fullerton Hotel, we spent the next 7 hours walking around Singapore along the River Walk and in Chinatown watching the preparations for the Chinese New Years. No wonder Singapore Air is rated no. They all have to reach and improve to meet the standard of Singapore Airlines. We had a comfortable flight from Melbourne to Singapore.

Coming back from Tokyo to Singapore and Singapore to Melbourne was extremely uncomfortable for me. Tokyo was quite cool when we embarked so had layered clothing on. We we seated in economy directly behind the front row where there is paid leg room. I am average size and sat in the middle of three seats.

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The person in front of me reclined all the time an my seat reclined only a little bit. Consequently my knees were touching the back of the front seat all the time an could barely move my arms either and was very hot and uncomfortable. On the next flight form Singapore to Melbourne I thought I would feel better having removed a couple of layers of clothing expecting the flight to be warm. We were seated in the row in front of the back row where the air conditioned air for the whole plane came in not overhead of individual seats.

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The whole row shivered in blankets the whole flight. It was not healthy and far too cold. The food was good and adequate. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.