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Some of you will best communicate with words. You will know when you are connected to your higher expression by the shift in your consciousness and the release of the constant demands of your ego. We remind you to trust that your imagination, your love-filled thoughts and emotions, sudden creative ideas, and fulfilling dreams are direct messages from your SELF.

Since you all have myriad higher expressions of SELF, you may feel communications from many of us. The Pleiadians and the Arcturians have been aligned in like-minded service for millions of your years.

An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds

We also serve on Star Ships together. Therefore, as you look into your vast history of higher dimensional realities, if you find the Arcturians, you will likely find the Pleiadians, as well. And suddenly willing to send instruction to his errant family members that they should extricate themselves from planet Earth and return home poste haste.

He gave them a tight timeline and that was that. And all would have proceeded perfectly except one petulant little twit got it into his head to destroy all that he had built on his way out. You shall have to forgive me. Your Adamu has seen much and there is not much that raises my ire any more.

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But in retelling this story I am brought back into the emotions that coursed through my being back then when I discovered this. One on the Anunaki gods in his mighty and godly fashion, decided if he had to leave earth that he would wipe out his whole creation on his way out!

Including his own tribe that had worshipped him and done his every bidding. He decided to destroy them and everything else that he could possibly destroy. Our little dictator had access, you see, to certain tools that could be used for weather control. Which is another long story which, if I told you, you simply would not believe me. But the point is he manipulated the weather to bring maximal destruction upon his own people. Another of the Anunaki, in fact a brother to the insanely destructive one, decided to try ameliorate the harm and so warned some of the people of what his brother was planning.

The result is the ancient myth of the great flood and the man who built the ark. The story, as it is now available to you in your various religious texts has become profoundly mythologised, of course. In truth, the flooding was really quite localised. The whole world was not covered in water. I should hope a little deductive reasoning would make it apparent that there is not enough water on the planet to flood the planet. But there certainly is enough to cause a great deal of local flooding.

Pleiadian Starseed Characteristics : Soulgroup Origin Pleiades Part 1

A great deal of local disaster. And so it was. And so it was too, that those that were warned had the wherewithal to build good weather-proof boats for themselves, their families and their domesticated livestock. To place in these boats sufficient feedstock to last out a few days of torrential rain and the massive flooding that came afterwards. The flood must certainly have felt pretty epic to those that lived through it though.

And one can understand how the myth came to be what it is. But there were survivors. In part thanks to the warning they were given. In part thanks to the good preparations they put in place. And in part also because we were able to deactivate the weather device. Which I shall just say was in space and I shall leave it at that. We have been keeping the rest of the galaxy off humanities bit of turf while they have slowly detraumatised themselves, slowly began to find themselves and slowly began to make up their own minds about who and what they are.

And in that time, you have had very little interference indeed. A remarkably good quarantine has been maintained for all this time. We are not perfect. We do not draw an utterly impermeable boundary around the Earth. Sometimes something happens and an Earth Human encounters a being from another galactic civilisation. This is often by mistake. That kind of thing happens. You are familiar with the little grey fellows from Zeta Reticuli?

They are masters of stealth.

Öne çıkan kanallar

They are able to sneak in, get up to monkey business and sneak out again without causing alarm. Not all the time. Not even most of the time. But it happens often enough that there is an awareness of them upon your planet. For which we apologise. We are doing our best with them and have quite a high success rate. But not nearly perfect, I am afraid. The problem is that the ones doing these incursions are not acting under the auspices of their home world. They are corsairs. They undertake these missions at the behest of the highest bidder. And through the ages they have occasionally managed to slip through and conduct this or that mission on behalf of some or another interested party.

Lavendar Starseed

We have controlled them as best we can but it is like swatting gnats. They are, you see, not like you. They are intelligent sentient beings, certainly. They are the group.

They have a networked group awareness. They have shared memories.

Now .-.. — …- . Convergence of Parallel Worlds

Not in the normal sense. They will simply manufacture more… as many as they believe they need. And each will gain access to the network of information and knowledge which is their group intelligence. But for all that, there are unfathomably complex factions within the greater group of their race. And some of those factions — numerically a very small percentage — engage in this kind of behaviour. But now I need to tell you about the trigger events.

When the quarantine was put in place, it was agreed that there would be certain specific events that would cause the quarantine to be lifted in a very carefully ordered fashion. One such event occurred quite recently with the dropping of the first atomic bombs. This was at the end of a period that you call the second world war. There has almost never not been world war. But that is neither here nor there.

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  • When those devices exploded, you triggered the possibility of planetary self-destruction. Other planetary civilisations have utterly annihilated themselves with exactly this technology. So, with those two bombs, you caused a trigger event. Delegates of a few of the main factions of the galactic civilisations were sent to speak to the leader of the nation that detonated those devices. Given the high-drama of the time, it took a little time and effort to procure that meeting.

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    But eventually it came to pass. And the meeting, when it came, was with an ex-military man who was then leading a more-or-less peaceful nation. He was offered a variety of options by the various delegates. We, the Pleiadians, representing the Galactic Federation of White Light, offered him a peaceful path. In exchange for giving up this self-destructive technology and the whole path it placed humanity upon, we offered a variety of other technologies. Free energy and so forth. Technologies that would lead to the betterment of all humanity. That would allow for healing.

    For unity. That would open the door to free and unfettered engagement with the galactic community.